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We believe that the most important part of technology is the human part. Technology is not an end in itself -- making the technology work effectively for your employees and with your business processes is our primary goal.

Our consultants bring 20+ years of real-world experience in a broad range of businesses and technologies. We're down and dirty in the trenches problem solvers -- not theoretical fresh-out-of-college theorizers. We love to see technology make people's work easier, faster and more productive. And we like to see people happy, too.

Cheryl Aday has devoted most of the last twenty years to helping businesses leverage technology. From the time she first used computers in business in 1980, she has been fascinated by the ways they can make business easier, more efficient, and more professional. She has worked with a range of companies, from tiny, one-person startups to the Fortune 500. She is passionate about her work, and loves seeing small businesses use technology to effectively compete against megacorporations.

Ms. Aday's varied background provides expertise on a variety of marketing as well as business technology issues, including online marketing strategy, knowledge management, and information architecture. She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of systems analysis, project management, software development, and market research. Prior to joining Compu-Solv, she was senior technical consultant for Millward Brown Intelliquest (MBI), an innovative online market research firm. While at MBI, clients of the firm included small startup firms as well as larger corporations such as DoubleClick, Netscape, IBM, and Microsoft.

Firms Ms. Aday has worked for include:

  • Millward Brown Intelliquest, an online market research firm that leverages the power of the Internet to provide fast, cost-effective, and accurate market research data.
  • Fluor Daniel, an international architecture and engineering firm.
  • Exchange Applications, a software manufacturing firm that specializes in data mining software.
  • Information Mapping, a Massachusetts-based knowledge management and information architecture consulting firm
  • The Center for Ecosystem Survival, a non-profit that raises money to save acreage in the rainforests and coral reefs around the world.

Ms. Aday is a graduate of Vanguard University (B.A.) and San Francisco State University (M.A.). Ms. Aday's outside interests include live music, dolphin communication research and digital video and photography.

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