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Most companies today face a common challenge: coping with intense pressure to reduce costs and increase output, all without lowering quality - a nearly impossible task.

As a result, there is more pressure on today's IT managers to reduce capital investment in new IT infrastructure by maximizing their current technology investments.

More with Less

How can you do more with less? One way is to focus on the rough spots where your current business processes and the IT supports don't mesh smoothly. If your employees are spending their energy making a clumsy IT interface work properly, they're likely to have less energy available for supporting your customers.

Likely Areas for Improvement

So, where do you look first to find these rough spots? Here's just a few of the telltale signs:

  • Problem areas. Perhaps you've repeatedly gotten wind of customers complaining about late shipments, or a response lag in customer service callbacks. If there are areas in your company where the expected process time is frequently longer than actual process time, check here for a likely situation in which technology is not quite fitting with the processes.
  • Perceptual gaps. It's just possible that your IT department dearly loves a particular technology, but the employees who must use it absolutely hate it. Find an objective party to talk to both sides to decide whether it's easier to (1) customize the software; (2) change the process to fit the software; or (3) train employees to use the software to support the process.
  • Technophobia. Are there key employees (particularly executives) who are technophobic? If you can challenge them to become more computer-savvy, they're much more likely to see how to use the existing technology in more effective ways. Investment in training and programs to move all of your employees into the technology age will pay big dividends.

Get a Technology Review

If your staff is already over-committed, Compu-Solv can supplement your efforts with our technology review process, in which consultants carefully study all aspects of your current infrastructure, business processes, and key personnel. We understand about the small gaps that keep your business from operating at 100% productivity, and we know how to find and close them.

Call us today to find out more about setting up a Technology Review for your company.

How can your business processes be streamlined using technology?

Are you getting the most out of your current technology investment?

Are you getting maximum value from your website?

Is your network data secure?

How can you improve the day-to-day productivity of all your employees?

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