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While computers can be extremely efficient, the methods by which they store information make it altogether too easy for important or sensitive data to be lost or stolen. Here are a few of the risks that can threaten the information stored on your computer, and some possible solutions:



  • Firewall
  • Server security configuration
  • OS updates
  • Email software updates
  • Word processor updates
  • Antiviral software
  • Software updates
  • Avoid running unverified .exe or .com files
  • Back up data on a regular basis
Catastrophe (fire, earthquake, etc.)
  • Offsite storage of periodic backups
Accidental deletion
  • Limit access to your data
  • Set up security via network where available
  • Back up data on a regular basis
Hardware failure
  • Back up data on a regular basis

How can your business processes be streamlined using technology?

Are you getting the most out of your current technology investment?

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Is your network data secure?

How can you improve the day-to-day productivity of all your employees?

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