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Training is one of the oft-ignored, but low risk, high ROI investments you can make to improve your company's productivity. Training your employees not only improves their productivity by increasing their effectiveness, it also contributes to increased workforce productivity by improving workforce morale: it communicates that senior management is aware of the needs of its employees and is concerned with addressing them.

What areas do your employees need training in? Ask them. They know. Ask your key managers and key front-line employees which areas they would like training in, or which areas they think the company needs training in. Pay close attention to training areas that involve the key differentiators for your company. If your company is known for extremely courteous customer service, be sure that training in that area is available, both for new employees and on an ongoing basis for current employees.

What can you do to improve productivity immediately? Compu-Solv has identified several different training areas that can provide a quick boost to your employees' effectiveness:

  • All About Email - Effective business email can make the different between sale and no-sale, happy customers and angry customers. We give your employees new insight into when and how to use e-mail most effectively.
  • Search Engine Strategies - The new economy is based on information. Those companies that know how to use the Internet to get accurate information quickly will easily outpace their less savvy competitors.
  • Microsoft Word TNT (Tricks and Tips) - The most commonly used software application -- everyone knows it -- but most people who use it use less than 20% of its capabilities. As a result, they're often frustrated by it. We know the 5% more that can turn an unhappy Word user into an effective Word user.

Compu-Solv can also work with your key employees to produce custom training solutions for your company.

Are you getting the most out of your current technology investment?

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How can you improve the day-to-day productivity of all your employees?

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