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Technology was not developed as an instrument of torture...
but you wouldn't know that from most people's experiences. Wouldn't you rather take off those thumbscrews and get behind the wheel of the Ferrari you paid for?

Real World Solutions.
Compu-Solv offers a unique blend of technical expertise and real-world people skills that allows us to make the technology experiences of you and your employees more effective, as well as less torturous. Because we identify not just the technical needs, but also the needs of the business and the people in a particular business challenge, we can help you leverage your existing technology investments to their fullest potential.

Effective Solutions.
Since our expertise is not confined to technology, we don't have to give you a technological solution when a people solution is more effective. Compu-Solv's consultants are not academic theoreticians, but real-world experts, with insight gained from working in business of all sizes - from front line to management positions, from technical support to logistics.

Strategic Solutions.
Unlike many business consultants, we don't arrive at your business and tell you everything must change to work within our framework. Instead, we use management and frontline interviews and analysis to understand how your business works, and how you want it to work. Then, we offer suggestions as to the easiest, most cost-efficient, and least painful ways to get it there - whether it involves people, processes or technology.

People-Friendly Solutions.
Compu-Solv works with your current technical and non-technical staff. Your current IT director or CIO most likely has many of the same skills we do — he/she is probably particularly good at recognizing technical solutions for business needs — that's why they have that position. But due to the demanding nature of IT support, there's rarely enough time for your IT director to take significant strides in improving your systems. We can provide them with the eyes, ears and legs they need to move ahead.

Immediate Productivity Seminars.
As an introduction to our approach, we can provide for your key employees several different technical skills seminars offering immediate productivity gains for your business.

Custom Solutions for Your Business.
You know your current business needs and your company's strategic plans for the future. We can provide you with a number of services to help get you there faster and easier, including:

  • Technology Review - Where does your current technology infrastructure need changes to be more effective?
  • Technology Planning - What are the critical and high ROI investments and changes that need to be made?
  • Internet Strategy - How can you best leverage the power of the Internet for your company?

Free Initial Consultation.
What keeps you awake at night? We want to know. Call us today at (415) 516-6091 to set up a free initial one-hour consultation.

How can your business processes be streamlined using technology?

Are you getting the most out of your current technology investment?

Are you getting maximum value from your website?

Is your network data secure?

How can you improve the day-to-day productivity of all your employees?

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